Black And White Kitten Calls

Black And White Kitten Calls

Black and white kittens are one of the bicolor category in the cat world. The mystery behind those furs are not restricted to a specific breed of cats. Instead, these colors can be found in many different types of pure-bred and mixed bred.

Tuxedo cats have captured the imagination of artists, musicians, and poets. As the name suggests, these cats seem to be wearing a formal attire. A true tuxedo should have the solid black appearance with white fur on the jaw, mouth and throat area, chest and paws.

The black and white Turkish Van has a color pattern mostly color restricted to the head and the body of the cat being white. Some, have this splashes of color in their body, known as Seychellois Septieme. Another Turkish feline treasure is the Turkish Angora that also marks B and W patterns.

Black and white Maine Coons also have these color patterns. The first ever recorded Maine Coon in the cat literature (1861) was a B and W cat named Captain Jenks of the Horse Marines. Popularity proved with the recent Best Kitten 5th winner in the CFA Show Season 2008-2009 by the name Valentino with his cute kitten pictures online.

Another black and white longhair breed is the Norwegian Forest cat. Each time you touch their silky soft coats is a delight to the senses. Mostly acquiring the tuxedo color in a black and white pattern, these Wegies are really cats for a price of two in showing different fashionable coat patterns in winter and in the summer.

Having a patented uniquely curled-back ears is the distinctive feature of the American Curl– as the name suggests. The American Curl may have three degrees of curl having the third degree the preferred one. These felines have the shorthair type and the longhaired division.

Contrasting colors make a black and white Persian kitten specially striking. Their history and popularity all pointed out to how much these cats were adored by many. Being the top on cat show and all, these felines are among the cutest pedigree cats that has been an epitome of luxury from royalty to the public.

With any degree of spotting, black and white kittens may have some color smudges on the cheeks, chin, nose, undersides, and tail. Some have white paws and black toes. Their patterns vary from the smallest locket-type, tuxedo attire, Dalmatian spottings, swirled and skunk stripes, and some sheeted shades. With the vast breed of felines, the Siberians, Japanese Bobtails, Exotic cats, and British Shorthairs are also among the lucky ones to have these bi-color combination.

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