Breakin’ Out of Your Financial Funk! Through Entrepreneurism

Breakin’ Out of Your Financial Funk! Through Entrepreneurism

Entrepreneurs and capitalism have built America with the free labor of African Americans. With an earth shattering idea and dedication, a person can become a millionaire. It does not matter where they live and where they were born. John Vincent states “Ideas are the factors that lift civilizations. They create …REVOLUTIONS. There is more … dynamite … in ideas.” If we want to change African American communities, we must demand reparations Let’s face it! African Americans have entrepreneurs albeit most of them underworld entrepreneurs. If African Americans received reparations, it would change the existence of our cities. They could be vibrant in a relative short time.

Ida Byrd-Hill, author of Breakin’ Out of Your Financial Funk!, believes entrepreneurial activities fundied by reparations will rebuild African American cities. Congress has the moral and economic obligation to repay African Americans for supporting the usage of 500 years of free and nearly free labor to build corporate and family dynasty wealth. African Americans built this country yet we are caught in a fierce financial funk that forty years of affirmative action seasoned with racism can not cure.

America provided sovereignty to the Native Americans for the atrocities they inflicted in stealing their land. They provided reparation to the Japanese for their capture in internment camps which was short lived. America is funding the rebuilding of Iraq after 5 years of war. Certainly, America has a debt it must pay to African Americans for enslaving our people. America must provide reparations of 5 million dollars for every African American descendent of slaves to replace the with we created and never received. It must stop funding the rebuilding of Iraq and fund the rebuilding of our race war torn cities.

While many African Americans have been educated at the finest universities and have risen to executive levels of corporations, we are still inflicted with the sting of racism daily. We are arrested more than any other population. Our children are harassed by the police. Our schools receive the lowest level of funding thereby creating high dropout rates and high unemployment. We receive inferior high rate loans for the same credit records as others causing the high foreclosure rates. Our cities look like war torn Iraqi due to the institutional racism America has inflicted on African Americans.

America continually enslaves African Americans, albeit now an economic slavery. We are in a fierce financial funk as many of our citizens have not had a fair opportunity to break out of the poverty cycle America created when slavery ended and we did not receive our 40 acres and a mule. Those 40 acres and a mule are now worth 10 million dollars. We must demand reparations and rebuilding of our communities along with the Congress apology for slavery. We must demand America provide us reparations to fund our businesses so we can create family dynasty wealth.

But more importantly, America needs African Americans to spend money to lift this economy out of recession. When African Americans tight their economic belt the country suffers. America must save itself. America must provide African Americans reparations

Ida Byrd-Hill spent 10 years as a financial advisor and 5 years in Human Resources, now President of Uplift, Inc. a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit Idea Incubator.

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