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Discovering Africa: Kribi, The African Seaside City

Kribi Beach
Kribi’s lovely water front

AFRICANGLOBE – Kribi seaside town of 50,000 inhabitants is located 160 km from Douala, Cameroon’s economic capital and 270 km from Yaoundé its political capital. Easily accessible by road, anyone can reach Kribi by car. Many other public transport companies can lead tourists to Kribi using buses that go directly to 6-7 times a day from Douala and Yaoundé.

Head of the department of the ocean, the city is bordered by sandy beaches. During the day, people spend time on the beautiful beaches enjoying sweet coconut milk and the sunny weather which in this region reaches 25 degrees all year round.

In the afternoons, while spending time under the coconut trees, visitors can see many fishermen returning from the sea with their boats. One interesting thing is that anyone can buy fresh fish directly from them at a very low cost.

The evening atmosphere is lively thanks to many people scattered throughout the city restaurants. This is the right time to enjoy the famous Kribi shrimps, lobsters, prawns, grilled fish, plantains, prunes and grilled sweet corns. Who could say no to such a delightful combination of nutritious food?

For the young visitors of Kribi, please be assured that visiting Kribi is still a good idea and you will find great spots and a amazing variety of nightclubs in the area. The atmosphere is hot, especially on weekends when many Cameroonians and expats come from Douala and Yaoundé to entertain themselves. One can easily learn how to dance Makossa, the traditional music.

Please be assured that your stay in Kribi will be very much interesting if you visit one of the internet cafes around. Internet connection is very cheap for the public and you can share your pictures with the rest of the world as soon as you can. People are very friendly and telephone communications, as well as by fixed or mobile, are also easy and cheap. One thing is for sure, the means of transport will amaze visitors and the most prevalent in the city are taxis and motorcycles. These two means of transport will be found at all hours of the day and night. It will cost every tourist less than a dollar race.

Kribi, Cameroon

For those who want to venture out of Kribi, about ten kilometers south of the city on the track, are the beautiful waterfalls of Lobe, a turbulent cascade of more than 100 meters wide which falls in salt waters of the Gulf of Guinea. Always in the same direction at 50 kilometers from Kribi, lies the fishing village of Ebodjé. Tourists can make trips in canoes and observe sea turtles that come floating on the beaches between November and January.

If you are planning to go to Kribi this year, please know that this town is considered as the top tourist destination in the country. Learn to enjoy its white sand beaches lined with coconut palms; all this will make you smile after a harrowing journey across the country. As a bonus, you can enjoy the various tropical fruits and just enjoy the views and get to know the culture through its people.


By: Vénicia Guinot

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