Diverse Cultures around the world

Diverse Cultures around the world


Every country around the world has different cultures. The basic ingredients of culture are knowledge, art, belief, law, morals, custom and any other potentialities a man learned through the social interactions. Culture is unique set of values, which can’t be imitated, because behind every culture there is history of thousand years.

Different cultures

If we consider different cultures like Chinese, American, African, Mexican, Greek and Egyptian cultures, these are quite different from each other, because they have different history, religion, values and customs. It’s every interesting subject to learn about the different cultures around the world. In order to learn the different cultures there must be such documentary films, and comprehensive books, and if we have blessing like cheap flights to Orlando, then we can explore by our self and learns so many things which is impossible, to find out in the documentaries and books.

African culture

Continent of Africa is very large, it contains 53 countries. These countries to some extent they are similar, but they have different cultures. They have different tribes. Major religions in Africa are Christianity and Islam. Many African peoples despite they are following Islam and Christianity, but they are also following their traditional religions. There are 2000 languages which are spoken across the Africa. Vivacious colors are always been part of the African clothing. African Festivals like Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, New Year celebration and Christmas are the major festivals; there are also other festivals in Africa which are tailored into the farming and harvesting periods.

American culture

It is said that United State is the land of apple pie and baseball, but American culture is very vast. USA is the place for Native American and a large portion of immigrants from different countries around the world. Today USA acknowledges four racial discriminations; like African-American, European American, Native American, and Asian American. Religions in America: The major portion of people in United States consists of Protestant Christians, and Catholics are few if we compare to Protestants. But USA allow their people freedom, like freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, freedom of moving from one place to another, freedom of choosing occupation, USA is a kind of secular state, where people according to their consent they have adopted different religions like Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. There is no national language in America. However the mostly of American people speaks English. There are large number of immigrants from Spain, that’s why Spanish is the second-most common language in America there are also other language that exist like German, Polish, Italian and Greek. There are many other cultures, but we are unaware about them. If we have enthusiasm to learn and we have facilities of flights to Orlando well, then we can explore so nicely these cultures which can’t be learned through any other source.