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East African Tourism Training Institutes Join Forces


AFRICANGLOBE – Training Institute (VHTTI) have established a partnership with the Kenya Utalii College (KUC) as an effort to strengthen the tourism sector.

The plan also aims to ensure equal service delivery within the East African region, VHTTI Principal Mrs Flora Hakika has said. She said the partnership would ensure the market with qualified and competent candidates in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Mrs Hakika was speaking in Dar es Salaam on Monday during a hospitality and tourism stakeholders’ forum organized by VETA in collaboration with KUC.

According to her, the two colleges will provide in-service training to the local hotels at an affordable fee and would also carry out exchange programmes between the two learning institutions.

VHTTI located in Arusha started operating last month and has been able to enroll about 160 full time students in hospitality and tourism industry courses.

“We expect that, this partnership will support VETA’s efforts in increasing capacity to plan, develop and deliver demand-driven, competency based vocational training to the hospitality and tourism industry,” she said.

In his speech, the Managing Director of Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), Dr Aloyce Nzuki, said that the partnership was a milestone achievement in the tourism sector especially in improving the quality of services.

He said the tourism industry needs qualified service providers to ensure equal services in the region.

Speaking at the same occasion, Director of Studies at KCU, Mr Charles Gitonga said that there was a big gap between hospitality and tourism services provided in the country compared to Kenya and that the partnership would fill up the gaps.

He said Kenya has been successful in producing qualified and competent candidates in the sector due to good tourism policies introduced in the 1960s. He said it was through the

partnership that most Tanzanians will have a chance to be trained and become competent in the sector in a cost effective way.

One of the stakeholders, Rose Odemba of Wande Store Ltd, said that the partnership would

bring trust among Tanzanians on the graduates from VHTTI since most of the competent employees in managerial position in the hotels are from Kenya.

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