EgyptAir Battles to Recapture Passenger Numbers After Revolution

Egypt Air is battling to recapture its market after the revolution which swept through the country in February and ousted the long ruling President Hosni Mubarak out of office.

Although the revolution left its air transport and tourism in tatters, the country is looking forward to full and fruitful democracy.

The management of Egypt Air said it has devised several businesses strategies aimed at recapturing its market now that the country has become peaceful after the revolution

The airline admitted the downturn of its operations during a meeting with aviation journalists and travel agents from Nigeria in Cairo, but it expressed optimism that things would pick up soon as the country has remained peaceful ever since.

Tourism and Duty Free Manager of Egypt Air, Mohamed Abdel Hameed Metwally said the revolution, as expected caused a drastic reduction in the number of tourists that visited the country, many of whom fly the 79 year old national carrier from across the globe.

Metwally said that the tourism arm of the airline has developed good relationship with tour operators and others from different parts of the world, adding that during the revolution it advised its prospective clients and partners not to visit the country during the revolution because their safety may not be guaranteed.

“But now things have normalized and they can now come. Though the economy is a bit down which is the usual thing in a revolution but it’ll pick up very soon. We’re optimistic”, he said.

He said that the airline plans to introduce special offers and other juicy packages on the Nigerian route as it is a major destination of the airline.

Speaking in the same vein, a Senior Official of the airline and its former General Manager Nigeria, Magdy Zakhary said, “We are going to market the airline very well. We’ll use the media, adverts and other forms of marketing. Nigeria is rich in culture and tradition with good travel record, so we hope to strengthen this”.

Zakhary said the airline is aware of the numerous complaints from customers who lament that securing visas for tourists and those seeking medical attention was difficult, but emphasized that visas are given to those who genuinely want then, including those for medical tourism. He urged Nigerians to come with genuine documents to the Egyptian embassy to request for visas.

He gave assurance that the airline would work closely with the Nigeria Consular office to ensure that such bottlenecks are removed to aid tourism and other economic activities between both nations.