Foreign Tourists Arrive in Abuja By Road

Abuja, Nigeria

A group of adventurous tourists, who took it upon themselves to tour and explore the African continent on roads, have arrived the Federal Capital Territory.

The tourists, who arrived in a big colourful bus, expressed their joy in visiting Abuja, which they described as peaceful and a beautiful city full of life.

One of them, Serena , from New York City, USA, said they started the journey on November 6 last year and have navigated through eight countries before arriving in Nigeria.

“We took a flight from London to Gibraltar and took a ferry from Gilbratal to Morocco and since then, we have been on the road We have visited Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin and now Nigeria and the next Cameroon.”

Speaking on their experiences in Abuja, she said, “It is so diverse here, it so beautiful to see the diversity here. You talk about 250 languages in one country. I think the best experience is not seeing the sites or big mosque or church, but seeing people living on one to one basis and just connecting that way laughing. Even the food is amazing.”

Speaking while receiving the tourists, Minister of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, Chief Edem Duke, commended their courage in embarking on the tours, saying such will afford them a better understanding of the Nigerian people, culture and economic potentials.

While welcoming them to Abuja, he said that Nigeria is one of the most hospitable people on earth as well as the happiest, urging them to see Nigeria as a tourist centre, where they can enjoy the best of nature gifts.

“This is the capital of the biggest black nation on the mother earth. We are a country of good and friendly people. Yes, we have development difficulties but we are working assiduously to surmount them,” he said.