Giraffe Roams Through Park Food Court In South Africa

Giraffe Roams Through Park Food Court In South Africa
Perdy the giraffe

AFRICANGLOBE – The giraffe just needed to stretch its legs.

An online video captures Perdy the giraffe wandering through the food court area of the Lion Park animal sanctuary outside of Johannesburg, South Africa last September.

Perdy draws laughter from those at the visitors center as the animal nonchalantly moves through and eventually out of the food court – stopping to sniff a garbage can.

The people evidently didn’t know they would getting a visitor.

“How can you explain this to someone,” a woman is heard asking a fellow onlooker on the video. “It’s not the same as saying, ‘oh the giraffe was in the restaurant.'”

The giraffe, who had to lean forward to avoid hitting a loose wire and the ceiling, did not seem nervous being around people and did not approach any of the people or food stations.

The park has seven large herbivore species that roam free in a large area. The giraffe is the largest of the animals, so maybe Perdy just needed more space?

The animal eventually walked out of the tent and towards a wall with pictures of fellow animals.