Jamaica Taps Into South American Market

Jamaica Taps Into South American Market

JAMAICA has secured some 10,000 new airline seats out of the burgeoning South America travel market, further brightening the prospects for growing tourist arrivals to the island.

 Minister of Tourism Ed Bartlett announced today that the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) has forged arrangements with key South American tour operators and airlines to bring tourists to Jamaica over the next six months. 

“We succeeded. We were able to structure an arrangement which will be finalised to enable flights to begin from Brazil to Jamaica somewhere between November and December of this year. The critical importance of that arrangement was the partnership that we were able to forge with one of the largest tour operators in the Americas, CVC,” Bartlett said.

In addition to Brazil, an arrangement has been forged with Principales Air Lines (PAL) to operate direct flights out of Chile into Montego Bay and PRL Colombia SAS which will operate chartered flights out of Bogota and Medellin in Colombia directly into Montego Bay.   

“We are excited about that and the key value of the South American market for us, is that their winter is our summer and so during our shoulder months like September, October, November we can be assured of good traffic coming in during that time,” Bartlett said.

In highlighting the significance of the South American market to boosting Jamaica’s tourism, Director of Tourism and Chairman of the JTB John Lynch pointed out that Brazil’s large population and vibrant economy alone holds much potential for attracting potential travellers. Plus, the continent’s close proximity and established air links to parts of Africa also provides opportunities for bringing visitors from other areas to Jamaica, he said.