Kenya: Paradise in the Wild

Tawi Lodge
Tawi Lodge

Kenya’s position as one of the top tourism destinations in the world is not in doubt, thanks to places like the Tawi Lodge at Amboseli national reserve.

It’s a perfect destination for anyone who would like to rediscover their peace of mind, body and soul. Bordering Amboseli National Park, Tawi Lodge is a private conservancy which is only two years, nine months old.

But the management of the lodge would still take the prize for one of the best-run lodges in the country. Is it perhaps because of sheer luck?

Axel Lohwasser, the managing director of the lodge, says it has taken hard work to make Tawi what it is today. “As one of the investors at Tawi Lodge, our main aim is to preserve the environment, wildlife and the ecosystem. We are driven by the needs for Kenyans to continue cherishing tourism and reap benefits while at the same time conserving the environment,” Lohwasser says.

One of the many pleasures of spending your time in this lodge is the feel of living in the wild. Like far back in time, when man and animal shared a home and existed harmoniously.

At Tawi, wild animals roam the land day and night. There are around 500 mammals’ species. The grass-eaters include the wildebeest, Burchell’s Zebras, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelles, the buffalo, warthog and black rhino. Lions, spotted hyenas, wild cats, jackals and caracals represent the carnivores.

But elephants are the king’s here. You don’t have to fish for your binoculars to trace one. They are everywhere and very near. They can be seen walking in herds, with others leaning on trees when resting.

In addition, there are over 400 bird species for birdwatchers.

However, the pleasure doesn’t stop with the wild animals. Tawi Lodge has 12 thatched and spacious cottages with each door facing Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Therefore, the mind-blowing spectacle of the mountain is the first greeting in the morning.

According to the general manager of the lodge, Ron Guijs, the place is exceptional for both local and international tourists who want to sample a different ambiance of comfort, bush meals and sundowners.

“You will enjoy day and night game drives and occasionally we have spectacular balloon safaris,” Guijs says.

A camp fire is always there for you to relax by after dinner or a bush bar, where, inevitably, the sweet and magical sounds of the African bush fill the air.

You can also choose to rest under the shade of enormous trees, from where you have an extensive view of Mt Kilimanjaro and the wetlands where animals come to drink and play.

Tawi Lodge offers a spa with massages and hot bath, a wine cellar and a library in the mezzanine with deep sofas and a living room decorated with African wooden furniture with a huge fireplace.