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Knysna, ‘The Jewel of The Garden Route’

Knysna South Africa
Knysna, South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE – Nestled on a beautiful estuary, Knysna is surrounded by idyllic natural forest, typical of South Africa’s Outeniqua Mountains.

With a rugged coastline, Knysna offers a unique holiday experience for its visitors providing them with its natural playgrounds, beaches, majestic mountains, rivers, and the world famous Knysna Lagoon.

Annual events such the marathon, bike races, whitewater rafting, and hiking satisfy all the adventurers in this region. And for those who prefer to visit a very quiet place, Knysna is ideal for nice walks in woodcutting or lagoon with cruise ships and golf courses.

A guided tour in the nature reserve on the west side of ’The Heads’ is also one of the favorite attractions of local and international visitors.

Knysna is famous for its oysters. No visit is complete without savoring this succulent seafood, washed with water, served with locally brewed beer or the traditional “classic method.”

Whether you are a solo traveler, a family, a couple on honeymoons or an important representative seeking escape, Knysna offers a wide variety of accommodation and restaurants.

With its unique charm, Knysna was eluded twice in a row in South Africa as the “favorite city” for locals and international tourists.

The most amazing thing about the beautiful qauint town of Knysna is its beauty and mystery. It is one of the jewels of the Garden Route, a green place where the rich forest with rare trees run between sea and mountains.

What Else Is There To See In Knysna?

Knysna, South Africa

The Millwood House Museum is a must-go destination and should be on top of your list, if you are planning to visit this part of South Africa. The museum contains memories of the city, the town of Knysna – made famous by the French.

We can still remember that the French football team chose the city of Knysna as their favourite spot during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Famous French footballers like Thierry Henry and Nicolas Anelka loved this quiet place with its lagoon, its direct access to the forests, which still grows rare hardwoods in the country, but also excellent restaurants.

For lovers of water sports, discovering the lagoon will be quite a fun activity for you as you could enjoy the sea and also learn how to fish on the Knysna River down the Outeniqua Mountains.

Finally, if you decide to visit the city of Knysna, please do not miss the Featherbed Nature Reservesituated on the Western Head in Knysna. It is the premier eco-experience on the Garden Route. Visiting nearby Brenton and Plettenberg Bay will also be quite a rewarding experience for anyone willing to discover new things.


By: Vénicia Guinot

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