Why I Love Africa

Why I Love Africa

After my first trip to Egypt I wanted to go to Africa again and again. I was fortunate enough to make my first trip to Africa at the age of 22! Traveling to Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana and Israel gave me invaluable experiences. As a result, my life and level of consciousness changed.

African culture is so rich. My experiences in these great lands are in this book and I hope my stories help to motivate more black people in America to travel to Africa to experience African culture at its roots. Traveling to Africa made me love and appreciate the culture of black people even more.

I love Africa so much! Going to Africa help me understand some things I couldn’t find in the books. I gained a wealth of knowledge from my journeys to Africa. This book is about what I experienced in Ghana, Ethiopia, Israel, and Egypt. I hope my book inspire them to go to Africa.

I use to hear my family members bragging about how when they get their passport they were going to Europe (Paris) all the time. But it was something in me that wanted to go Africa. When I was a young boy I was told that Africa was a dark uncivilized continent. At the age of 38 now I have been to Africa more than 12 times. I was blessed to make my first trip to Africa at the age of 22 years old!

I was in the basement of the museum and there was Lucy (Dinkenesh) an ancient female skeleton from the Afar region. Visiting the Bole international musuem in Ethiopia was an inspirational moment for me. I was mind blown to see the oldest complete fossil remains known to man. I also did a exciting tour of the Blue Nile Falls. It was awesome to see the smoking water.

Going to Ghana was a dream come true for me. So was visiting Egypt! Seeing the pyramids and the sphinx was awesome. I remember being in Giza looking at the pyramids and the sphinx, It seem as if time didn’t exist anymore. When I was out in the desert walking by the pyramids I lost track of time. But I was so connected to nature.

The available history we have today tended to suggest that a large number of black people in America are from West Africa. Accra the capital of Ghana since 1877 is one of my favorite places to travel. The whole city is fascinating. The National Museum with a display of exhibits that reflect the heritage of Ghana is inspirational. I was taught that Africa was all jungle, but I learned that wasn’t true when I found out about the National Theatre in Ghana.

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