Malawi And Its Beautiful Lakes

Malawi Lake
Lake Malawi is a very popular tourist destination

AFRICANGLOBE – Known as the warm heart of Africa, Malawi offers pleasant scenery and incredibly friendly people. The picturesque Malawi is dominated by one of the most beautiful lakes in Africa, Lake Malawi, which is located in a stunning mountainous setting, surrounded by white sand beaches. Malawi also hosts national parks offering good opportunities for adventurous safari.

Malawi is a beautiful country with a varied nature with high mountains, white sand beaches. One of the most popular destinations in Malawi is Cape Maclear. With spectacular turquoise water, sand dunes and mountains surrounding Lake Malawi, Cape Maclear is a great place for kayaking, diving and hiking. Offering more than that, this small seaside town of West Africa is also a great place to do nothing but enjoy the African sun and sandy beaches of beautiful Lake Malawi.

Another popular natural attraction in Malawi, Mulanje Mountain, is the highest point and the area is mostly known for walking, hiking and climbing. Mount Mulanje is a mountain of 3002 m, with spectacular scenery, hiking trails and swimming holes located on the boats of the mountain. To facilitate walking, there are a few huts for accommodation in the area.

Another popular urban destination in Malawi is the capital Lilongwe, a popular travel destination, and Blantyre which is the business center and main business area of the country.

Finally, Malawians are warm and friendly people who live in a beautiful country. For many years now, Malawi has been known as one of the most appropriate destination for African economic classes and even for business trips. But before you start planning your next visit to Malawi, make sure to travel during the right season. Do not forget that the climate in Malawi is hot throughout the year: they vary between 22 and 28 ° C. The warmest time of the year in Malawi is between September and December. The best time to visit Malawi is between April and August.

If you happen to seek a beautiful growing ecotourism destination in Africa, do not hesitate to pick Malawi.


By: Vénicia Guinot