Nigeria’s Woodridge Hotel Entices With Business Tourism

Nigeria’s Woodridge Hotel has continued to attract increasing patronage of its conference facilities, a development the hospitality outfit management attributes to the high quality and standard of if its facilities, which many conference and event planners found appealing and attractive.

Given this attraction, the management has stepped up plans to increase its network of facilities even as it has embarked on the refurbishment of existing ones in order to meet with the high level of demand and certain requirements by businesses.

If the network and capacity of its conference facilities are anything to judge by, the Woodridge Hotel may just be about the leading hospitality outfit in Nigeria when it comes to conference and business tourism.

To begin with, Woodridge Hotel Warri is taking the lead with its array of conference and meeting facilities. For instance the hotel has about 10 different meeting facilities each with vary capacities and fitted to taste with different machineries and gadgets for different events.

Mandela and Robinson halls are about the leading meeting points in the hotel. According to the management, the conference facilities

Which have over 2, 000 capacities are already fully booked by many of the blue chip companies operating in the Niger Delta region and government agencies and individuals.

Perhaps the biggest of its conference facilities and the most sought after is the Fame De La Hall, which is located adjacent the main hotel and in few months time with be part of the bigger Woodridge Hotel and Entertainment Centre presently under construction.

The hall, which boosts modern conference amenities, is said to seat over 5, 000 people with ample space, and parking lot, security and office outlets among others.

According to Nya, corporate bodies find the most appealing for their conferences and clients because of its high standard, location, professional service delivery and its peaceful and calm ambience, which recommend it to many other people.

Besides its leading role in conference and business tourism Woodridge Hotel group, also bode well for leisure, health and wellness as well as entertainment tourism with its array of modern facilities dedicated to giving its numerous clients fulfilling and memorable treats.

Swimming pool, Likuku bar, sport bar and lounge bar signpost the leisure offerings of the Warri hotel while at its Lagos end, the lavishly furnished executive bar and swimming pool bar headline its entertainment ambience.