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Ranch de Nazinga, Burkina Faso


Ranch de Nazinga, Burkina Faso
Ranch de Nazinga’s bountiful wildlife

AFRICANGLOBE – The Nazinga Ranch extends over 100,000 hectares and includes nearly 600 km of slopes. Nazinga is a very special type of protected area, hunting area and tourism of 97,000ha for hunting and 20,000ha for safaris lovers.

Established by Robert and Lark Lungren, two Canadian brothers who grew in the country, Nazinga is a beautiful ranch with an open and a close forest, where only crop areas demarcate the territory.

Many facilities were created on sight to better manage the ranch’s biodiversity. The Nazinga Ranch, is a protected area of 913 km2, located near Po in southern Burkina Faso.

To combat the cyclical drought, deforestation, overgrazing, burning, soil fatigue and other devastating impact of heat on nature, the Lungren brothers decided, back in the days, to introduce a new concept at the time for West Africa, which led to the introduction of a ranch that will later combine eco tourism vision and controlled hunting. Since then, the ranch has been a very busy place: contributing to economic development of Burkina Faso.

The Nazinga ranch has driven masses to its three main areas: a conservation area of 84.5 km2, a buffer area of 48.3 km2 and a hunting area of 789.6 km2, as well as some hunting areas.

The ranch also attracts additional tourists to its classified forest of Sissili (327 km2), which is another hunting spot. Then, there is the Kaboré Tambi National Park, another national park of Burkina Faso situated between Ouagadougou and the border of Ghana which has a much richer fauna and follows the course of the Nazinon River.

This under-protection ranch has grown considerably and today is 94,000 hectares containing more than 20,000 animals, including 800 elephants which remain the animals per excellence in this region of West Africa.

Nazinga Ranch has 39 species of mammal, including thousands of antelope such as roan antelope, waterbuck, oribi, and reedbuck.

In 1988, 8 Buffon’s kob were introduced to the park, plus the 500 buffalo, the 5,000 warthog, crocodile and many other primates including baboons, vervet and patas. The Nazinga ranch also has 275 species of bird including hornbills, hawk and herons.

Just before you start planning a getaway to this part of West Africa, keep in mind that Burkina Faso is a Sahelian country, so the focus should be lightweight clothing and cotton clothing. However, the weather could cool down during evenings, so visitors should plan to bring a sweater and long pants to protect themselves against mosquitoes.

Staying in the village of Zigla or Boala is a great idea because you will be pampered by the villagers. Learning local traditions and customs will be the best way to get to know their culture and exchange with the people who live in the heart of a great game reserve known as Nazinga.

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