Rwandan Hoteliers to Learn From Mombasa

The Rwanda Hotels and Restaurant Association (RHRA), yesterday, dispatched 30 hotel and restaurant owners to Mombasa, Kenya on a study tour.

Speaking at a cocktail reception before their departure, the association’s chairman, Eric Musanganya, said that the trip is aimed at promoting the hospitality industry through quality service provision.

“Mombasa is a tourist attraction in the region and we want these people to learn from their counterparts on how to provide quality service,” Musanganya told reporters.
He explained that according to the associations’ survey, training hotel employers has a significant role towards improving their day-to-day activities.

The tour was supported by Kenya-Rwanda Business Association. The Transitional chairman of the association, Edgar Ogao noted that Rwanda has the potential to become a tourism hub in the region.

“It is just a matter of improving on the way service providers work; otherwise the facilities are already in place,” Ogao said.

He added that the team would not be limited to Mombasa but will tour business operations in various Kenyan cities.

The business operators were buoyant of the tour and the positive impact it would have on their activities.

“We are going to learn and I am sure this tour will enable us identify our weaknesses that will also help in putting right our mistakes in the service,” said Bertin Hamudara, owner of Dian Fossey ‘Nyiramacibiri’ Hotel in Rubavu.

In her remarks as guest of honour, Kenya’s High Commissioner to Rwanda, Rose Makena Muchiri, urged the team to capitalise on the tour.

“Try as much to find out why tourists visit Mombasa and other places over and again,” Muchiri said.

The Head of Tourism and Conservation department at Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Rica Rwigamba commended the move, calling upon association members to make more effort in impacting the industry.

“We must work together to make sure that hygiene standards in our hotels and restaurants are at same level with other partner states and even beyond,” Rwigamba said.