South American Cichlids Are Scenic And Creative

South American Cichlids Are Scenic And Creative

A fish aquarium can provide a great deal of beauty and allows us to be very creative and using South American Cichlids is the best choice. Cichlids offer a wide selection of color and shapes to choose from.

The general consensus is that salt water fish tanks offer a much greater variety of fish that are considered much more colorful and diverse than fresh water fish. However, South American Cichlids are the fish of choice for fresh water tanks with a staggering number of color and size combinations.

The South American Cichlids consists of between 400 to 550 species with about 310 of them being scientifically tagged. The Cichlids fish are very adaptable and can survive in a wide array of different environments. The majority of Cichlids are known to actually be carnivores yet, there are still some who feed on simple planktons, mollusks and other plant materials. Cichlids can be as small as 2.5 centimeters and can grow up to 70 centimeters

Most people are under the impression that Cichlids are difficult to handle yet, this is not necessarily true. Cichlids are pretty much sensitive fish who require the proper PH levels and the right fish food to remain stress free. If they are not being maintained properly they can end up being very aggressive towards their fellow fish mates. Once you’ve learned some of these simple processes, you will enjoy stress free Cichlids for life.

If you’re really serious about maintaining colorful and healthy Cichlids then, I strong suggest you learn about the following: What is the right size tank for the species you chose, what filters are best for them,

Of all the fresh water fish to choose from, you will find that South American Cichlids can offer the greatest variety of colors, shapes and sizes for you to choose from. So, get creative and let your fish tank liven up your home and enjoy your Cichlids for life.

Whether you’re a long time Cichlid’s enthusiasts or just starting your first fish find out, you will find out so much from a zealous expert in maintaining and breeding south american Cichlids that you will be proud to show off.

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