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Stargazing At Gocheganas in Namibia


Stargazing Namibia
Namibia’s brilliant night sky

The Space Observation Learning Namibia (Solna) offers Namibians and visitors alike the unique opportunity to discover the jewels of Namibia’s night sky.

Namibia is blessed with the most awesome night sky, a truly wonderful natural resource. Due to its geographical location, climate and lack of pollution, Namibia is regarded as one of the top five stargazing locations in the world.

People can observe the stars nightly at the GocheGanas Lodge and Spar about 30 kilometres outside Windhoek through a state-of-the-art GPS-guided 12′ and 14′ Meade astronomical telescopes.

Guests can watch the jewels of the night skies and also take their own photographs as mementos. Guests are taken on a guided tour to see distant galaxies, nebulae, globular star clusters and Saturn with its rings.

People can see Antares, which is the 16th brightest star in the night sky, located 550 light years from Earth. Through the telescope one can see that the star gives off a very bright orange light.

This is but one of the ‘jewels’ that can be seen on the guided tour through the Namibian night sky.

Ninety per cent of the people currently participating in the Solna stargazing nights at GocheGanas are locals.

Georgine Windwaai said: “You always just see the stars when you look up but you don’t know what you are looking at, so I decided to come out here and learn more. And it was truly amazing to see them so close and the highlight was of course Saturn. I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams that it would be so spectacular and amazing, I was blown away.”

Until the end of the year Solna and GocheGanas offer a special where people are first spoiled with a delicious three-course meal at the lodge and then go stargazing, after which they can enjoy a refreshment before driving the less than 30 kilometres back to Windhoek.

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