Tanzania’s Serengeti Voted World’s Best Safari

AFRICANGLOBE – Serengeti National Park, the second largest safari in Tanzania and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was voted the world’s best safari destination, beating 140 entries from 63 countries around the world.

The result was published in June 2015 by Safari Bookings, the largest online marketplace for African safari tours.

The Netherlands-based organization collected just over 3,000 reviews, over two-thirds of which came from safari tourists and the rest from industry companies and experts.

Serengeti National Park
Serengeti National Park

Allan Kijazi, director general of Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), says that there were two main reasons why Serengeti National Park came out on top: “The annual great migration of over 2.5 million wildebeest and zebra, as well as Serengeti’s distinction as one of the best places to see predators, including lions and crocodiles, in live action.”

In an exclusive interview in Arusha, north Tanzania, Kijazi mentioned the endless grass plains, displaying an authentic Africa, as another reason why Serengeti was voted the best safari park in Africa.

“In total, Tanzania has 10 destinations in the top 50 African safaris – with Serengeti on top,” Kijazi said proudly.

TANAPA’s Head of Communications and Public Relations Pascal Shelutete says that the choice of Serengeti as the best safari destination in Africa proves that Tanzania has the best, naturally conserved tourist attractions.

Tanzania’s Serengeti Voted World's Best Safari
Serengeti National Park

“TANAPA, in collaboration with other conservation stakeholders, will continue to maintain these parks to make them more attractive to visitors and win future competitions,” Shelutete pledged.

“Serengeti National Park in Tanzania emerged as the best overall safari park, with the highest rating of 4.89 out of 5 stars, equivalent to 98 per cent,” he said.

Tanzania Tours Operators Organization (TATO) CEO Siril Akko lauded TANAPA and other conservation stakeholders for making the country a leader in conservation.

He urged the government to come up with better plans and policies to attract more investments in the tourism industry.

“Tanzania should do away with high landing fee rates at our international airports in order to attract more international flights,” Akko said.