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The Top 10 Places To Visit In Zimbabwe


Hwange National Park

Biggest National Park in Zimbabwe (about the size of Belgium) It has 108 wildlife species, 470 bird species and one of the world’s largest elephant populations. Excellent accommodation choices including Somalisa, Somalisa Acacia and Somalisa Expeditions.Top 10 Places To Visit In Zimbabwe

Gonarezhou National Park

Second biggest park in Zimbabwe. “Gonarezhou” meaning “Place of many Elephants” is an extremely scenic Park full of rugged and beautiful landscapes.Top 10 Places To Visit In Zimbabwe

Chilojo Cliffs

One of the most prominent and enduring natural features of Gonarezhou National Park is the beautiful Chilojo Cliffs. These magnificent red sandstone cliffs have been formed through eons  of erosion and overlook the scenic Runde River valley.Top 10 Places To Visit In Zimbabwe

Lake Kariba

The biggest man-made lake in the world, sometimes referred to as an ‘inland sea’. Highly recommend a houseboat trip on Lake Kariba as one of the best ways to experience the water.Top 10 Places To Visit In Zimbabwe

Mana Pools National Park

Renowned as one of the least developed National Parks in Southern Africa, and with almost 70% of the park only traversable on foot, this park remains one of the most pristine and untouched ecosystems in Africa.Top 10 Places To Visit In Zimbabwe


Capital city and cultural hub of Zimbabwe. HIFA (Harare International Festival of Arts) a must-see (around April every year)Top 10 Places To Visit In Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe

Ruins of what was thought to be the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe during the country’s Late Iron Age.Top 10 Places To Visit In Zimbabwe

Chinhoyi Caves

Apart from the natural beauty, these caves also conceal an underground lake found 50 meters below the ground surface.Top 10 Places To Visit In Zimbabwe

Natural History Museum, Bulawayo

Houses over 75,000 specimens and is the largest and possibly the best Museum in the southern hemisphere. It houses the fourth largest collection of bird specimens in the world, the eighth largest collection of mammals and the collections of herpetofauna, fish, insects, invertebrates and arachnids rank highly in Africa for their scope and sheer number of specimens.Top 10 Places To Visit In Zimbabwe

Matobo National Park

Formed over 2 billion years ago with granite being forced to the surface, this has eroded to produce smooth “whaleback dwalas” and broken kopjes, strewn with boulders and interspersed with thickets of vegetation. Mzilikazi, founder of the Ndebele nation, gave the area its name, meaning ‘Bald Heads’. Burial Place of Cecil John Rhodes (Named World’s Veiw) The park is also home to Rhino and the worlds highest concentration of leopard.Top 10 Places To Visit In Zimbabwe

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