Travel: Top 10 Things To Do In South Africa


10. Dive With Great White Sharks

AFRICANGLOBE – South Africa, the beautiful country, full of surprises. It is a diverse country, about the size of France and Spain combined or duble the size of Texas. Its varied cultures, intriguing wildlife, stunning scenery, and remarkable beaches make it a haven for travelers from around the world. My list of top 10 things to do in South Africa includes riding an Ostrich, Sandy Beaches, Dive With Great White Sharks, spending the night in a tree-house, Visit a Game Reserve, playing golf, Hike the Wild Coast, Surfing in SA and Go on a Soweto Tour.

Here is list of Top 10 Things To Do in South Africa.

Dive With Great White Sharks

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water. South Africa has an incredibly diverse shark population. A quarter of the world’s shark species (98 to be precise) dwell in South African waters and around 40 of these call the waters around Cape Town home. If you’d like to see the Great White Shark without losing a leg then let me introduce you to the wonderful world of cage diving. Cage diving with the Great White Shark is a relatively new adventure sport in South Africa. There are several operators who offer cage diving packages and most of them concentrate around an area known as “shark alley” in Gansbaai, just 2 hours drive from Cape Town. Great White Shark diving is the marine equivalent of seeing the Mountain Gorilla in its natural environment. It’s an adventurous and unique opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with a magnificent animal.

Travel: Top 10 Things To Do in South Africa