WATCH: Lion Opens Car Door During South African Safari

WATCH: Lion Opens Car Door During South African Safari

AFRICANGLOBE – Always lock your car door when driving through a safari park.

This family learned that valuable lesson the hard way — after a lioness twisted open their vehicle’s handle with her teeth and almost ended up inside.

Terrifying footage shows youngsters Kaylene and Cindy passing through the unidentified park in South Africa with their parents.

They coo over the pride of lions and take photographs.

But they’re left in shock after one of the beasts sneaks up to the rear door and suddenly snaps her teeth onto the handle. She then gently eases the door open.

“Oh my gosh I didn’t know they could do that,” screams one of the family, as the exit is quickly closed and then properly locked.

The footage was uploaded to  YouTube by the youngster’s brother Joshua Sutherland in March 2014.

“Did you know lions could open car doors? My sisters were visiting our parents, while serving a mission in South Africa, and had an experience of a lifetime,” he wrote in the description.

It went viral this week after being posted on Reddit.


By: Lee Moran


Lion Opens Car Door