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The Assassination Of Patrice Lumumba

AFRICANGLOBE – Patrice Lumumba was a Congolese independence leader and the first democratically elected leader of the Congo. As founder and leader of the mainstream Mouvement National Congolais (MNC) party, Lumumba played an important role in campaigning for independence from Belgium, threatening Belgium’s access to Congo’s rich natural resources.

Within twelve weeks of Congolese independence in 1960, Lumumba’s government was deposed in a coup organised by the Belgium Government who encouraged in the resource rich Katanga province to succeed from Congolese rule in an attempt to guarantee Belgium’s continued plunder of Congolese resources after Congo’s independence.

During the Congo Crisis Patrice Lumumba was subsequently imprisoned by state authorities under Mobutu and executed by firing squad. The United Nations, which he had asked to come to the Congo, did not intervene to save him. Mobutu Sese Soko then went on to rule Congo as a dictator for the next 30 years with the full support of the Belgian and other Western Governments. This documentary provides first hand witness reports that claim Belgium, the United States, and the United Kingdom have all had involvement in Patrice Lumumba’s death.

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