Blue Train – South Africa’s Majestic Rail Trip

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Blue Train – South Africa’s Majestic Rail Trip

The Blue Train travels between Pretoria and Cape Town which is a 27-hour route of 1,600 kms (994 mls), via some of the most diverse and outstanding scenery on the African sub-continent. The high-class train takes passengers through the exceptional scenery featuring service which entails amazing meals and large accommodation. It has been in operation since 1939 and takes its name from it’s blue locomotives, railroad cars and leather seats. It owes its origin to the Union Limited and also the Union Express, that, from 1923, connected Joburg together with the mail ships departing from Cape Town for Britain. In days gone by when the Union Castle boat arrived at Cape Town, passengers might possibly have taken the Blue Train to Johannesburg, South Africa’s monetary giant figuratively and actually built on gold.

The new Blue Train is considered the most sumptuous train on earth and the very best way to travel. In 1947 the 3 month long tour by the British Royal Family saw the purchase of 8 ivory-painted air-conditioned saloons from Britain, 3 of which were produced to Blue Train sleeping car requirements, while the remaining five were specific saloons to be used by the Royal Family and Field Marshal Jan Smuts, the South African Prime Minister. It’s little wonder these distinguished people chose the Blue Train. Falling asleep with a Karoo moon above and rising up to a fresh pot of coffee while the Blue Train goes by Cape vineyards is a sensation which is challenging to beat.

The Blue Train suites live up to their status for magnificence and splendour. The Blue train takes you to a timeless world of high-class living, combining the enchantment of travelling by rail while using the comfort of a grand hotel. Much of the attraction with the Blue Train is based on its history and it can easily lay claim to being certainly one of the top three luxury trains around the world. The Blue Train rivals numerous 5 star hotels with regards to sophistication, grace, comfort and style with decorations put together by a leading interior planning business. An a la carte South African menu is simply part of the Blue Train service that also incorporates butlers looking after your each and every need along with a lavish suite. Taking merely 2 days, the Blue Train runs from Pretoria to Cape Town or vice versa.

With menus having an array of regional food, meals on the Blue Train is an encounter itself – from Karoo lamb and ostrich fillet to Knysna oysters – along with award-winning cultivars from the Winelands. The royal blue menus with their gold twine really are a colour representation of the area through which the Blue Train guests are voyaging. The Blue Train is furnished with the best bone china in white, cut-crystal and traditional silver cutlery engraved with the well known “B” insignia. Wonderful South African bottles of wine supplement a gourment menu provided in a sophisticated environment making dining a impressive experience on the Blue Train. This is a showcase for South African wines and following careful deliberation with prime South African wine specialists have been selected to supplement each course on the menu.

Guests are required to check-in one hour ahead of departure in the Blue Train lounges in Pretoria and Cape Town. The management team is at your service to make sure that every single guest enjoys a wonderful experience on the journey. Your own private suite mixes the desires and needs of a contemporary world along with the allure and luxury of traditional luxury train travel in Africa. Your own Blue Train suite is a day time high-end lounge. Your servant will convert your private suite into a exquisite bed room during the night. The suites on the Blue Train live up to their good name with regard to elegance and splendour.

The Blue Train connects Pretoria and Cape Town once or twice a week yet today is geared fairly and squarely at tourists. Passengers are offered an intriguing journey in deluxe comfort and style that they may well reminisice over for years. The mystique, the element of luxury and history attached to certainly one of the world’s most notable trains is part of the appeal for first timers and returning passengers. The shop on board is really a treasure chest of jewels and minerals as rich as Africa itself. Special branded gifts are given to passengers on the finish of their journey. As a memento passengers receive an engraved sherry glass with the Blue Train logo. A lifetimes fantasy for many is a trip on the well-known Blue Train of South Africa.

Of all the luxury trains around the world, the Blue Train of South Africa is definitely the best loved.