Booking Luxury Train Travel Tours In Sunny South Africa

Booking Luxury Train Travel Tours In Sunny South Africa

Holidaymakers should not miss out on a luxury train travel tour while visiting South Africa. Honeymooners would be well advised to celebrate this important occasion in this way. Travelers are able to see the scenery in a different way than they would, traveling in another way. On this mode of transport the travelers are able to pay full attention to their surroundings and fellow passengers. A car requires that the driver is preoccupied with driving rather than sight seeing. All booking arrangements are taken care of by the train company.

Such a service is on offer to make your vacation one to remember. The rebuilt, classic trains carry a maximum of seventy-two passengers, accommodated in luxurious, yet spacious suites. Edwardian features and period decor grace the spectacular living spaces, dining spaces and entertainment areas.

The lengths of trips vary from a single day to two weeks and several magnificent destinations are visited, depending on the tour and the company that is chosen. Destinations within South Africa include the beautiful Garden Route, the spectacular coastline and lush cane fields of KwaZulu-Natal, the stark landscape of the Karoo and the many game reserves of Mpumalanga.

Trips outside of the country include Tanzania and Namibia. The tranquility of Tanzania and deserts in Namibia will leave vacationers with memories that will not be soon forgotten. A choice often made by people is an excursion to Mosi-oa-Tunya, this is more commonly known as the Victoria Falls. This area boasts a waterfall believed to one of the biggest in the world. It lies on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

These trains can work by steam, diesel or electric locomotives. There are double and twin rooms available for people from which to choose. Rooms have en-suite bathrooms and are spacious, with air conditioning. They offer outlets so men can shave and people are able to blow-dry their hair.

Private suites are available to offer luxurious travel in total privacy, luxury and comfort. Only the highest standards of service and accommodation apply here. Room service is available all day and all night to cater to every whim of the passengers. The mini bars are stocked with a selection of beverages as requested by the guests.

Apart from all the above style and convenience, these luxury train travel trips offer stopovers at a variety of landmarks and resorts. These include golfing destinations, five-star hotels, beaches and mountain resorts. Furthermore, fine dining is made possible in the dining cars or the suites. Comfort seekers can get a massage or visit the boutiques, shops and salons. This allows ardent shoppers the option of buying gifts for loved ones back home. The social butterflies are able to meet one another in the observation or lounge cars. People that have traveled in this way testify to great experiences and fun times.

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