Discover South Africa On a Budget

Discover South Africa On a Budget

Exchange Rate

The South African currency is the Rand, and it can be purchased at almost all popular travel agents’ or the post office. However, when you’re going away on a budget it becomes even more important to save money and get the best possible exchange rate – this is where a little research and knowhow comes in to play!

Searching Online

If you’re keen on saving as much money as possible to spend on having fun in South Africa in-between the World Cup games then you need to do your research on how to get the best possible exchange rate for the South African Rand. Fortunately for you, there are one or two websites that offer a ‘Guarantee’ on the price and service you will receive – this means that if you find a better deal elsewhere on your South African Rand then you will be refunded the difference!

Let’s Party!

The football World Cup 2010 in South Africa is the first time Africa have ever hosted this event, and you can be certain it will be one long party!

What better way to start your trip by saving money when exchanging your hard earned money into South African Rand?

You may think that your local Post Office or travel agent will have the best deal on currency for South Africa, but you couldn’t be any further from the truth! A simple online search (enter ‘worldwide money’ into Google) will reveal websites that provide a simple way to save money with amazing exchange rates and convenient ways to buy your currency.


Are you a little wary of purchasing currency online? You needn’t be! Some of the top currency exchange companies deal mainly online to save on overheads, and offer at least 2 easy ways to buy your currency!

” Cash – Make sure any company you deal with offers you the chance to either collect it from a shop or have your money delivered direct to your home for free.
” Prepaid Currency Card – A secure and convenient way to spend money abroad (cash passport).

Now you know how and where to get your South African Rand don’t forget to take your England top and cheer the team all the way to glory!

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