Kenya Travel Advice Helps You To Explore Kenya

Kenya Travel Advice Helps You To Explore Kenya

Kenya is a world known destination for tourism and leisure with a wide variety of spectacular safaris. Her attractions cut across an amazing array of wildlife, beautiful beaches, culture, environment and weather conditions. If you are traveling to the country on holiday or a short visit, there is a wide variety of options to make your stay fulfilling and memorable. Kenya Travel Advice is available on government and tour companies websites, where you can browse on the options available on safaris.

Touring the vast Maasai Mara national park on road is an exciting moment but flying over the park in a hot air balloon is breath taking. The lodges and safari camps and safari tents situated in the park organize the Hot Balloon Safari for their clients. Holiday makers are flown over the savanna and hilly terrain of the park with a great view of the adjoining Serengeti national park in Tanzania.

If you are physically fit and can endure long treks, you can try out the Mt Kenya Climbing Safari. Making it to the snowy peaks of Africa’s second highest mountain is an experience to remember. You also have a chance to encounter indigenous vegetation roaming with a wide variety of wildlife. Plan your visits in the dry months of October and January to March.

The country boasts of over one thousand bird species that inhabit different environments. Birdwatchers can take on the Bird Watching Safari to various parts of the country with a view to discover rare species or watch the birds in specific environments and sanctuaries. Lake Nakuru and Lake Turkana feature prominently among bird watchers due to its pink flamingos and pelicans.

The Flying Safari enables you to transverse the country in a record eight days and seven nights. Tour companies have a flying safari package with fixed destinations and accommodation facilities. The destinations are selected with the visitor’s interests in mind to offer the widest coverage. One can ask for a customized safari by adding some favorites to the available packages.

Come face to face with the country’s rich cultural heritage through the Cultural Safari. Direct interaction with the diverse communities and their products in crafts, dances, beliefs and languages is a surely thrilling. One can also visit cultural establishments popularly known as cultural villages run by the Ministry of Culture to preserve the country’s heritage.

The country is endowed with a wide range of vegetation types and species strewn across different regions in the country. This is a chance to marvel at purely natural ecosystems which have never been interrupted. The vegetation is home to different species of wildlife which adds to the fun associated with Eco- Safaris.

The weather and physical features in the country are suitable for a number of sporting activities and facilities. These include the legendary athlete Keino athletics complex in Eldoret, white water rafting in river Tana, Athi and Ewaso, deep sea fishing, golfing among others. Transverse the country and enjoy these activities on the Sporting Safari.

The biggest attraction in the country is the Big Five Safari. This is a chance to interact closely with Africa’s big five in their natural habitats. Many tourist camps have been named after the member of the big five who is common around the area.

For longer expedition tours, tour companies provide camping facilities for visitors. They will organize for tented accommodation facilities deep into the wild with the basics for the expediters. You can learn more on these options and others through Kenya Travel Advice blogs.

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