Luxury Train Vacations And Tours Across Beautiful South South Africa

Luxury Train Vacations And Tours Across Beautiful South South Africa

Recently, luxury train travel has become all the rage. Traveling by train offers passengers the elegance of luxurious hotels and the convenience of comfortable travel. There are several vacation packages that offer an elegant steam train trip across beautiful South Africa.

Along the trip you will experience fine lodgings in either a single or double cabin. The rooms come furnished with beds, private bathroom, and lounging area. They also come equipped with Edwardian paneled walls and fixtures to give the suites a bit of the old world. Though meals are served on the train, the suites feature full room service to assure passengers experience top notch service. For a little more, guests can get a suite with a fully stocked mini bar as well.

Passengers can enjoy a comfortable area to relax and chat in the trains fine lounge cars. Cozy sofas and chairs come fully equipped. A small gift shop even calls this car home. Even though the lounge is non smoking, there is still a hint of the 1920s with the fully functioning windows. A hint of the train’s original era.

All meals on the train are prepared with high quality and fresh local ingredients as is a company policy. Crisp linens and fine china are both present in the dining cars when lunch and dinner are being served. There are no electrical devices, such as televisions, present in the dining car and guests tend to dress up for meals to keep with its old fashioned atmosphere.

The African scenery is the trip’s most important element aside from the excellent accommodations and elegance of the train. Announcements are made to alert the guests when the train nears interesting scenery or monuments. And thanks to the locomotive’s functioning windows, taking pictures from the moving train is made possible. The windows also allow for the smells and sounds of Africa to drift throughout.

The steam engine makes numerous planned stops along its trip. Passengers are encouraged to unload and explore their surroundings for an predetermined length of time. A number of eateries and stores are located around each of the train stations. Traveling through the African countryside on a steam train is an excellent way to vacation without the anguish and trouble of transporting yourself.

Consult a travel guide, if you are thinking of a train vacation, for more details and information. The African packages vary from a week long journey to an overnight trip. These train vacations offer comfortable lodgings and delicious meals with the advantage of knowing that the only work you have to do is buying the tickets.

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