Madagascar Travel Advice For Beach Breakaways

Madagascar Travel Advice For Beach Breakaways

Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, lies off the coast of southern Africa, and like its neighboring continent, it is blessed with some of the finest seaside resorts. Should you be planning a holiday to this region, some Madagascar travel advice will help you choose the best seaside retreat.

Madagascar is a tropical island situated in the Indian Ocean off the south eastern coast of Africa. It is a haven for naturalists who visit the area to enjoy the splendor of the beaches, rain forests, and the unique fauna and flora this region has to offer. On a day hike into the rain forests, one can encounter an incredible variety of exotic reptiles; a diverse variety of bird life; and 70 different species of lemurs, all of which are endemic to the region.

And then there are the stunning exotic beaches where one can relax and soak up the sun, or partake in a multitude of water-sports and outdoor activities that are available. There is something for everyone, including diving or snorkeling the tropical coral reefs, fishing trips, kayaking, as well as biking and hiking on land.

L’lle Sainte-Marie: This alluring resort is set against a postcard perfect backdrop, complete with palm treed beach surrounding the azure blue waters of a coastal lagoon. The channel separating the island of L’lle Sainte-Marie from the Madagascan mainland offers sheltered waters, which attract Humpback whales who make their annual migration from down south between July and September. These magnificent marine mammals congregate in these warm protected waters to calve and raise their young, making it the ideal whale watching spot.

Nosy Be: Situated 8 kilometers off the north west coast of the mainland, Nosy Be (or Big Island) is a popular destination that has lots to offer in terms of both activities, and accommodation choices, catering from budget to exclusive hotels. Surrounded by many smaller islands, it offers opportunities to explore surrounding beaches.

Nosy Iranje: The island of Nosy Iranje is made up of two islands that are connected by a submerged sand bar, stretching 1.2 kilometers across the shallow channel that separates them. The larger of the two Nosy Iranje Be is a hawksbill turtle breeding site providing a great eco-tourist attraction.

Masoala: The Masoala Peninsula offers stunning beaches set against a ravishingly beautiful tapestry of virgin forest habitats, which include rain forest, flooded forest, and coastal forest, intermingled with mangroves and wetlands. The offshore waters surrounding the peninsula contain a kaleidoscope of tropical coral reefs. The diverse range of habitats found in the 230,000 hectares that makes up the Masoala National Park harbors a staggering number of endemic plant and animal species that are unique to this region. It is no wonder that it was recently declared a World Heritage Site for its immense conservation importance. It is the perfect eco-tourism destination, offering kayaking expeditions to explore the unique natural environment more closely.

If you are looking for a holiday destination where you can be close to nature, and enjoy idyllic sandy white beaches lined with swaying palm trees, surrounded by lush virgin rain forests, the beaches of Madagascar are the place for you. Time spent here will certainly leave you feeling refreshed.

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