Five places you shouldn’t miss in South Africa

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by barron

Five places you shouldn’t miss in South Africa

With it’s beautiful coastline, mountains and unusual wildlife South Africa is a fantastic place to visit. Some choose to visit for even longer than a holiday or a safari because the country is so vast. Although it’s essential that you must plan your trip before you go, here is a list of the best places to visit in South Africa:

1. Table Mountain – The most famous attraction in Africa sits overlooking the bustling Cape Town. The table topped mountain is worth the hike or the cable car trip to the summit. Try feeding the playful monkeys or taking your camera to capture the wonderful wildlife that also lives there.

2. The Garden Route – The Garden Route is a very scenic stretch on the south-eastern coast of South Africa. It starts at Mossel Bay and finishes at Storms River, there are various excellent stop offs. Also here are endangered whales and other marine and wildlife. As well as the marine life there are almost 300 species of beautiful multi-coloured birds. Hire an open top car to make the most of the amazing views.

3. Knsyna – When taking the Garden Route make sure you stop off at the lovely town of Knsyna. Many people love this gorgeous relaxed town located by the sea and when here you’ll see why. This place is geared up for a perfect break for those looking to have fun or just soak up the amazing scenery. Knsyna also attracts local artists giving the place a real bohemian feel. Try out the local lagoon for the popular pastime of ‘wave jumping.’

4. Durban – One of South Africa’s main cities Durban makes a good stop for travellers. Away from the city hassles you can mind the ‘Golden Mile’ which is a beautiful series of beaches popular with surfers. Try the promenade for a great selection of places to eat, shop and attractions including the city Aquarium.

5. Soweto – Soweto may not be the most attractive place but it’s still an important city. The area is split into three different and very distinct areas rich, middle and the poor. There are many shanty town areas which although can be dangerous you can see the town though a safer option, a guided tour.

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