How to save for that dream Africa safari

How to save for that dream Africa safari

Ringing in the New Year for some is about creating New Year’s resolutions and evaluating things such as your finances. But if you have ever dreamed of an Africa safari or a ski holiday to Canada or Europe – your dream holiday doesn’t have to be out of reach in 2012.

Dream holidays can easily cost you thousands of pounds, but with a great understanding and taking more care in the planning and preparation of your holiday, you can easily treat yourself and the family to that holiday of a lifetime without it costing an arm and a leg.

One of the most popular holidays which are on everyone’s 2012 holiday list, are Africa safari holidays and long haul destinations for warmer climes. What I have compiled are some very helpful tips to help you save money on planning your Africa safari, based upon my own experiences. If you want to save money when you’re booking your Africa safari then you may wish to carry on reading below.

There internet is king – in today’s travel industry, the prices online are commonly beating those prices which are available on the high street. The internet has allowed consumers a faster, more concise way to shop around for the best deals, with many holiday companies offering to match or beat the prices you find from their competitors.
A handy website for planning your package holiday or your Africa safari, is ‘flight mapping’, which helps you save time finding which airlines fly to your chosen destination, it also gives you a rough idea of flight prices which you can then shop around and try to beat.

Book early – this is perhaps the most obvious tip, but you would be surprised by how many travellers ignore this advice and try to book a long haul holiday in less than four weeks. The only acceptations to booking early are companies which sell cheaper packages to fill empty hotel rooms and flights, such as lastminute. It can be argued that the packages on offer when you do this are substandard and are nowhere near to being close to your idea of a dream holiday.

A great way to save money on your holiday and future bookings is by opting to go on a later plane in the day or a day or two, which occurs when planes over book their seats and need people to drop out, often giving compensation in the form of flight vouchers. I must stress that this is something that you shouldn’t rely upon as it does not happen all the time, and it also depends upon how much money they flight company will give you and whether you value that money to be worth your time waiting around for the next flight.

Research – when your planning your holiday its important that you avoid spending your holiday whilst it’s a public holiday as this often doubles or in some cases, triples prices on flights and accommodation. After having searched around on the internet you could take your findings to a travel agent on the internet or in the high street and see if they can beat any of the prices you have discovered.

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