The one and only social media king “Facebook” will still remain in top in this 2013

The one and only social media king “Facebook” will still remain in top in this 2013

According to you, me, and everyone, it can be easily said that no one is missing from Facebook in today’s date. So here comes the question, what makes Facebook so famous where other social media sites are still there to use. The answer for this question is many. The applications, facilities to promote business, making known and unknown friends are a few of many options mentioned here. Facebook is suitable for everyone, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a business owner or a student, or you are an advertiser. Do you believe in this 2013 new year Facebook will still remain on top? Let’s have a look at the new social media to know more about the recent social media news on Facebook.

The latest World Map prepared from Vincenzo Cosenza’s for Social Networks speaks about the real truth of the networking site. According to his map, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. are the major player for networking sites. Based on the traffic data from Alexa, the map gets updated twice in a year that is in June and December. The most important work of this map is to track all famous platforms by country.

According to the recent track data Facebook occupies the top position in 127 from 137 nations investigated, including India, Australia, Canada, England, France, the United States, and Spain.

The top drivers of its expansion is Asia, with the count of 278 million users, and it is believed that it surpassed Europe, with the count of 251 million, as the leading continent on Facebook. Check out the other counts from here: North America includes 243 million users, and South America count with 142 million. Africa is almost 52 million, whereas Oceania is just with 15 million. If you give a look at the latest months, then you can notice that Zuckerberg’s Army dominated Armenia, Latvia and Vietnam, and Kyrgyzstan.

Four other sites are spotted to be in the top, at least in one country: QZone counts with 552 million customers on the Asian continent, Odnoklassniki counts with 45 million users in Russia, V Kontakte counts with 190 million users in Russia), and Cloob counts with 1 million members in Iran. The unexpected things can just happen with social media and its used to keep changing so fast. To know more about the new social media stats and facts for sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. can be found here. Stay connected with us to get updated to recent social media news.

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