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Somali Pirates And Toxic Waste

AFRICANGLOBE – In 1993 Belgian, Canadian and Italian troops were involved in the rape, torture and murder of Somali boys and gilrs while on Peacekeeping duties. This is the background to the Black Hawk Down incident (made into a film by Ridley Scott) where Somalis shot down a Blackhawk helicopter. 18 US soldiers died compared to 1000 Somalis. The Somalis were mostly civilians who had wounds to their backs.

Recent headlines about Somali Pirates have failed to mention why some fishermen were demanding money from foreign ships.. Since 1994 various European nations have been using Somali seaspace as a dumping ground for nuclear and other toxic waste. The Tsunami of 2005 washed poisonous barrels up onto the shore which damaged the health of local Somalis and led to birth defects quite apart from kiling fish. An Italian aid agency was implicated in using “aid money” to finance the dumping which also occured on land, Some Somali fisherman with their livelihood destroyed and families injured turned to other ways of raising money and justice.

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