Startups and SMEs in India Creating Job Opportunities

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Startups and SMEs in India Creating Job Opportunities

If you want to grow big, start with smaller steps. Warming up your initiative would always help you to swim along with the bigger fish in the pool. The importance of startups in this regard in unquestionable. The SME news magazine, ITBizFocus, focuses mainly on the startup section along with the SMEs in India. The magazine even shares IT news and other technological development which boost the emerging enterprises and it even guides them to take decision for greater exposure. It even supports the enthusiasm of the startup as this is the ignition point of yearly employment growth.

From a research conducted to test the value of the startups, especially for creating jobs, it has been found that this section stands firmly even in time of severe recession. Basically, loosing job gives an impetus to start something new. As a result, a lot of potential startups as well as SMEs in India hovers the market. Even the venture capitalists are pretty much optimistic about the growth and they are ready to invest as well as boost the startups and SMEs. The SME news magazine, ITBizFocus, shares a number of articles that speaks about SME collaboration and support. Even the online IT news states that government has also supported this initiative.

ITBizFocus shares the success story of a number of startups and SMEs in India. It interviewed entrepreneurs and get to know how they overcame the difficult situations. Arvan Technologies, a Pune based software development firm, has been featured in the IT news magazine. Rishi Agarwal, the owner of the startup firm left his 9-5 job and took up the challenge to launch his own company. Building the brand awareness and getting recognition was difficult but it was not unachievable. The strong determination helped him to get honors in both domestic and international markets.

Creating employment opportunity is definitely important and this is the vision of Amit Garg, Director of Devoir Technologies, which is a Chandigarh based web development startup firm. Even, he narrated the same story about how tough things were in the initial years. Amit believed, if one has the aspiration to grow, no one can stop the dream. It is not always necessary to take loan or get the support of the venture capitalist; one can even expand from the funds that came in. Devoir Technologies, as the SME news magazine shares, praised the energetic youth power of India.

Most of the startups cater to the international market and the best thing is that they are admired and recognized from UK, US, Australia and Europe. Moreover, they are looking on to expand in the fresh market of Africa and support them with their goods and services. Many of these startups even stand strong against the well established organizations.

ITBizFocus keeps on encouraging and motivating the young business entrepreneurs to come ahead with their new plans and programs. The magazine shares news about award ceremonies for startups and SMEs in India organized by noted IT associations.

If you want to read more about the IT news, you can log on to the latest technology news magazine at

If you want to read more about the IT news, you can log on to the Latest Technology NEWS magazine at