Volunteering Abroad and Safety

Volunteering Abroad and Safety

Copyright (c) 2012 Evans Arao

Many people are interested in going out there and to volunteer abroad. If they can’t help everyone, they would prefer to help one person at the least. They start planning their trips early: prepare their volunteer work; research about the host country; and book their air plane tickets. However, just before they leave they are held back by a fear of their safety while they would be volunteering abroad. The fear of safety is shared by the volunteers and their families as well. This fear stems from the fact they do not have first hand knowledge of where they are going to be working; they will be living and the fear of the unknown. This fear is natural especially if the volunteer is going to a place where they have never been to before. To augment this fear there are so many scary stories that occur abroad that people read and hear that make them to be more afraid. Despite of the fears above every international volunteer can take measures to ensure their safety while they are abroad. The advice provided here won’t be complicated but simple instructions to stay safe.

Following this advice will put the volunteers and their families’ mind at ease. The volunteer who is going abroad should start preparing for the trip before leaving home. The volunteer should research the country and find out about current news. This information that the volunteer should be looking for is breaking news, political alerts, climate changes, natural disasters and any other important news. This information can be gotten, from consular embassies, and from the internet. Many volunteers go through volunteer travel organizations. These organizations help the volunteers by giving them information about the country. While the volunteer is still at home, s/he should consider what they are going to pack. The volunteers should make a point to not to pack expensive jewelry that would attract attention. In packing they should choose what to dress, the volunteers should pick clothes that don’t make them look too affluent or too wealthy. Picking simple and basic clothes would make them go easily unnoticed. Also they should pack light so that they could keep an eye out for their luggage.

When the international volunteers arrive at the host country, they should be extra vigilant and try to not to put themselves in risky conditions. No place in the world is completely safe and there are some things volunteers should observe to ensure their safety, they are: don’t walk in poorly lit areas and avoid shortcuts; don’t travel alone at night; if it?s possible always travel in a group; avoid public demonstrations and civil disobedience; avoid scam artists; try to learn a few local words; make a note of emergency numbers so that in case of an emergency you can have the right contacts; avoid being heavily intoxicated and try to avoid carrying large wards of cash.

Generally, travelling and volunteering abroad is not as dangerous as people make it to seem. The host country and the community look forward to the volunteers’ arrival and they also put measures to make sure the volunteer is safe while they stay there.

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